Games Where You Can Earn Real Money

If you’re looking for apps that can help you earn money, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a look at 20 of the best money making apps available. While looking through our list, you’ll see apps that can help you earn up to hundreds of dollars. We’ve already done all of the research and have selected the top games for you. Which means you can start playing and earning money right away.

A complete list of the best free money making game apps on the market. This information includes the name of the game, a link to download the game, and some general information. You’ll have a much better understanding of the games on this list and have a good idea of what to expect.

Complete List of the Best Free Money Making Games

This list of 20 money-making games will let you earn cash and rewards in your free time. These ones are known to be safe and actually give players their pay-out.


Lucktastic is available on both Android and iOS. With this game, all you’ll be doing is scratching lottery tickets. You could win money on some but most will give you various amounts of tokens. Once you’ve earned enough, you can go to the rewards area and redeem your points. You can get things like Amazon gift cards, restaurant gift cards, store gift cards, and even entries into the sweepstakes they hold. As soon as you download the app, you can start earning. Remember, though, you won’t get a reward until you’ve confirmed your information.


As of right now, Mistplay is only available on Android. There have been mentions of a beta version being available on iOS but the official app is Android only. This app is great for those that love playing mobile games because that’s what you need to do to earn cash. The app will have a list of different mobile games and you have to download and play them to earn. The longer you play the games and keep the app open, the more you’ll get paid. You can sign up through Facebook or email, depending on your preferences.

Lucky Day

Lucky Day is quite a bit similar to Lucktastic because they both use scratchers to allow users to earn rewards. This app is available on both Android and iOS. In addition to the scratchers, you can also do lotto and raffle games to increase the chances of winning. There’s a chance to win an instant cash prize but most games will give you tokens. Once you’ve earned a certain number of tokens, you can go to the rewards store and exchange them for any of the rewards available.

Swagbucks LIVE

Available for both platforms, Swagbucks LIVE allows you to answer trivia questions to be entered to win the weekly prize. You’ll want to log in every day and do the 10 question trivia quiz to get your entry. The more days you play, the more entries you’ll get. You’ll also get Swagbucks every time you play, which can be exchanged for rewards in the store. These include PayPal, store gift cards, restaurant gift cards, and the option to donate to various charities.

Vegas Legend

For those that love playing vegas-style games, this is a great app. You don’t have to make any purchases and you can win just by playing. Wins include cash and various prizes. The more coins you win, the more cash you can get. The coins will convert to rewards once you’re able to request a pay-out. With so many different slot options, you’re sure to find some that you love.

Spin to Win

Not only can you enter sweepstakes with Spin to Win but you can also enjoy games where you can win instantly. They have normal sweepstakes that happen daily and weekly but you can also enter into one of the special sweepstakes. These usually come around holidays but they’ve been known to have some randomly as well. You don’t have to pay to get entries into sweepstakes and you can get as many as you want just by playing the games.

Play to Win

Play to Win is only available on Android phones right now but it’s extremely easy to increase your balance. The main way is by playing various kinds of casino games. You can also enter the cash sweepstakes they offer to try and win larger amounts of money. The majority of this game is just about playing and having fun with a chance to win. If you’re trying to make a consistent side income, then this isn’t the greatest option as wins aren’t guaranteed.

Lucky Pusher

Lucky Pusher is set up like one of the old-style coin push games. You drop a coin and want to get as many coins to drop as you can. The more coins that drop, the more your balance will increase. There are over 1000 different levels and you get more chances to win as you move through these. There are also more than 30 different types of coins you can unlock, which is just as fun as earning rewards.

Lucky Night

Lucky Night lets you do a few different things to earn money. The most common way is by doing scratchers but you can also spin to win or play matching games. They also have a lotto every day where you choose a certain amount of numbers and you win coins based on how many of your numbers match. Nothing costs money in the app and it’s 100% free to play.

Lucky Lotto

Lucky Lotto is a fun app to win money. It has numerous lotto games and you can win quite easily. In addition to the daily lotto game, they also have sweepstakes where you can win various gift cards. You collect coins as you play and redeem them in the rewards store. Not only does the rewards store have gift cards but they also have prepaid cash cards. To win real money, you don’t have to make any purchases or deposits.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is made to be like a fun, live-action game show. You’ll want to log in every day and participate in the activities to see if you can win. The trivia questions and word puzzles range from easy to savage. Make sure you enable push notifications so you’ll always be ready to play the live game show and not miss out on a chance to win a decent amount of money. You might be surprised at how interesting some of the questions are.

Long Game

This app is a little different than the others because it has to do with saving. If you don’t link your card, you’ll have to pay $3 per month. If you sign up with a card that gets a direct deposit from your job, you’ll be able to use the app for free. You’ll specify how much you want to transfer and save on each payday. You can also get a card through the app and use that for spending. Every deposit and purchase will give you coins to play games and win money.


Bananatic is available on Steam and is a great option for those that want to try out new games. With this app, you’ll earn rewards to try out games that are still in development or haven’t been released. These games usually go on to be best sellers and you’ll be one of the first to play it. You’ll play the game and give feedback so the developers know what works well and what needs to be improved or changed.


This is a great app for those that have student loan or mortgage debt as it’s who the app is geared towards. A team is made up of 3 random people and you’ll be on a different one each time you start the trivia game. You’ll have 10 seconds to answer each question and you keep going until you strike out or get to the limit. The more answers you get, the more points you’ll get. The team that has the most correct answers at the end will split the money.

Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash has over 600 games that can be played. As you play, you’ll earn tickets. The more you play, the more tickets you can earn and the more entries you’ll get. You don’t have to do any in-app purchases or pay anything to enter the raffles. The app uses a part of the money they get from advertisements to fund their prizes, so the payouts will be bigger when more people join.

Brain Battle

Brain Battle is very similar toe Big Time Cash. The more games you play, the more tickets you’ll earn. You have to earn at least 1 ticket to be entered into any of the drawings but you’ll have a higher chance of winning if you earn more than that. The app uses some of the earnings from advertisements to pay the prize. The winner can get their prize through PayPal. You have to use your brain for all of the games and some give you quite the challenge.

PCH Games

The PCHGames app is run by Publisher’s Clearing House, aka PCH. You play instant win games and scratch cards to try and win up to $2,500. As you play, you’ll earn tokens that can be redeemed for entries into the drawings or various kinds of rewards like gift cards or merchandise. The top prize will only have 1 winner but the person can win $1 million. You’ll have a certain amount of instant wins and scratch cards every day, so make sure you enter them all.


With Blast, you’ll have to connect your checking account to earn money. You’ll need to let it make small transfers into a Blast savings account that’s high-yield. As you play games and beat levels, you’ll earn money. For example, you might earn 25 cents for 1 game and earn $1 for another. You never know how much you’ll make so play as much as you can. You’ll also earn something called eXperience points when you play and save money, which makes you climb the leaderboard and have a chance at the top 3 prizes. 1st place is $1,000, 2nd place is $50, and 3rd place is $25.

Quiz Rewards

With Quiz Rewards, you answer trivia questions to win points. Once you get a certain number of points, you’ll be able to trade them for various rewards, including gift cards and vouchers. The trivia questions come from over 16 different categories, such as cars, geography, and TV series. You’ll only have a certain amount of time to answer the questions and you want to get as many correct answers as you can. Everyone will get coins but those with the highest scores will get the most.

Lucky Plinko

Lucky Plinko is very easy to play and takes you back to your days at the carnival. You pick one area to drop the coin from and the area it lands in will light up. You want to get all 9 spots lit up to get a chance to spin the slots. The more you drop, the more you can win. Keep in mind, if the coin lands in the same spot, it won’t count towards getting the 9 spots lit up. You’ll want to keep playing and collecting coins to try and win the big prizes.

As you can see, there are quite a few games you can play to make money on your phone. It might take some time to build up a replacing income but you’ll see that it’s easy and fun to do.