Where Can You Spend And Use Bitcoin (and what can you buy)

Where can you spend bitcoin

The breakthrough and revolutionary factor that makes Bitcoin so fascinating is the ability it offers you to purchase products or services. As a Bitcoin owner, buying with crypto lets you dodge transaction fees and other hidden costs you’ll likely get with financial institutions like a credit card company.

With Bitcoin, payments are made via a trustless blockchain system where each transaction is verified by regular individuals who are known as miners.

Several large companies understand this important aspect and have embraced Bitcoin as a legitimate currency for customers to pay for products and services.

In this guide, you’ll find some well-known companies and places where you can spend and use your Bitcoin.

Who accepts Bitcoin currently (where can I use it)

While the majority of companies selling services or products online don’t offer Bitcoin as a way to make a purchase, there are still several options available from certain types of companies and vendors. Here are some of the main areas accepting Bitcoin:

Companies Offering Gift Cards: One of the easiest ways to use your Bitcoin is by going to a company offering gift cards to major retail stores. Buying one or more of them allows you to bypass having to work directly with a company and will enable you to purchase a product with Bitcoin, which means you can use crypto to shop just about anywhere. You’ll learn more about two of these companies, Gyft, and eGifter, in the list of places to spend Bitcoins later in this guide.

Online Retailers: Major online retailers, such as Overstock, Microsoft, and Etsy offer several products and services. You’re able to purchase products ranging from furniture and television sets to jewelry and online software subscriptions.

Service Sectors: Companies in several different service sectors are also catering to crypto enthusiasts by accepting this digital currency as a form of payment. You may find this option when visiting an online dating website, VPN network, satellite TV provider, newspaper, or online interactive education company.

What can you buy with Bitcoin

Matching a service or product with your needs and understanding what you can buy with Bitcoin should help you locate the items you’d like to purchase.

Furniture and Household Goods: Are you in the mood to change your shower curtains or purchase some new sheets for your bed? You’ll find these products available as well as outdoor items, jewelry, and apparel at an online retailer like Overstock.com.

Electronics and Computer Components: If you’re building a new computer and need to purchase components, such as a motherboard, processor, RAM, and SSD, you’ll likely find Bitcoin available as a payment option at a giant retailer like Newegg.

Video Games: Paying for video games by using Bitcoin has also become more prevalent. Just like cryptocurrencies, these digital products can be highly useful for a user if they want to have some fun. If you’re using the Xbox platform, you can pay for an Xbox Live subscription, games, and add-ons.

Flights and Hotel Accommodations: If you’re searching for a hotel room or flight, you’ll find companies in this space offering Bitcoin as a payment option. This may not be surprising as several of the travel services want to make sure they do all they can to steer customers towards their offerings and away from competitors. Cheapair, Travala, airBaltic, and Version Galactic are a few of these companies you’ll learn more about in the next section of this guide.

Gift Cards: One of the easiest ways of using Bitcoin to buy products is by purchasing gift cards. There are hundreds of companies available where you can buy goods or services with a gift card you purchased by using Bitcoin.

Precious Metals: If you’re involved in crypto, you may know how Bitcoin can act as a hedge against inflation and may be interested in using your Bitcoin to pay for precious metals at an online gold or silver dealer. There are several popular shops available online where you can purchase silver bars or Gold Eagles.

You’ll also find several other categories of companies online and off-line where you can spend Bitcoins.

List of places where you can spend Bitcoins

When you’re shopping at your favorite retail company or booking a flight for a summer vacation, have you ever wondered if you could pay with Bitcoin? You may be surprised how available this option is when you are using travel sites to book flights or shopping for a new couch or wireless plan. Here’s a list of companies where you can use Bitcoin to make a purchase:


Shopping at hundreds of different retailers is easy to do when you’re able to utilize a gift card. Gyft is a platform created to make it more efficient to locate and purchase gift cards for several different retail stores, ranging from Whole Foods and Papa John’s to Sephora and CVS.

Gyft makes it even simpler for you to get a gift card for yourself or a friend by allowing you to use Bitcoin as an option for payment. After choosing your desired gift card, you just need to select Bitcoin as the preferred payment method you’d like and send it from your Bitcoin wallet. You’re able to utilize the web, an Android device, or IOS. Making a purchase is safe and secure as all transactions are certified with Digicert, and you won’t pay any fees when using Bitcoin as a payment method.


eGifter is another platform offering gift cards for sale. With over 300 brands, such as Lowe’s, Uber, and Target, you’ll surely find a popular company on their list of available retail stores that suit your shopping needs. You’ll also find the availability of Bitcoin as a way to make a purchase via their desktop or mobile app. eGifter was one of the first companies to offer a cryptocurrency payment method for its customers and has supported the community for several years.

Whether you’re using the web, an Android device, or IOS, this platform offers a simple checkout process. After choosing the gift cards you’d like and placing them in your shopping cart, eGifter makes it easy to use Bitcoin at the checkout area. The technology utilizes a BitPay wallet, is free of additional fees, and allows you to earn eGifter Points when you use Bitcoin as your payment method.


Amazon is probably one of the best-known retailers online. However, they still aren’t accepting Bitcoin directly as a payment method, but don’t let this stop you from shopping at this gigantic retailer. There are still methods you can use to make a purchase.

Currently, you can use four different applications to create a workaround method and use your Bitcoin to shop at Amazon. The four options include:

  • Purse.io
  • Bitrefill
  • Fold
  • Moon

Using Purse.io is probably the easiest option for paying with Bitcoin when you are shopping on Amazon.com. Utilizing the Purse.io application allows you to match up with an “Earner” and exchange your coins for the use of their Amazon gift card. You’ll also receive a discount on your purchase as high as 15 percent, which can help create a great deal of savings when you’re making a significant purchase.


If you’re a fan of craft supplies, vintage, or handmade items, you may want to shop at Etsy. You’ll find categories ranging from jewelry and bags to furniture and toys. While Etsy doesn’t directly accept Bitcoin, there is a method you can use to pay for the items you buy.

After choosing an item and going to check out, you’re able to select an “Other” payment method, which allows you to pay with Bitcoin. Etsy notifies the merchant of the new sale, and they will contact you directly with the Bitcoin payment address where you should send your coins. Handling this transaction with a Bitcoin payment processor is usually the best option as you can generate an invoice that includes the amount and Bitcoin payment address and email it to the merchant. The merchant will mark the transaction as being paid after they receive your Bitcoin.


Using an online travel agency can make it more convenient to book flights and hotels when you’re planning a fun vacation. Cheapair offers access to these types of services when you want to spend your off-time on the beach in Miami or have fun gambling in Las Vegas.

Paying for your flight or hotel room by using Bitcoin is also an available payment method at Cheapair.com. To begin, you’ll need to choose a starting point and destination for your flight. You can also book a hotel room for yourself and any guests who might be accompanying you. Once you arrive at the checkout area, you’ll have the option to pay with Bitcoins. If you don’t have enough Bitcoins in your digital wallet, there’s also an option to split your payment between Bitcoin and a credit card, which does cost a minimal fee.


Whether you’re traveling to different worldwide locations for business or pleasure, it may require you to book hotel accommodations at your destination. Utilizing Travala.com provides you with this option, and they also accept Bitcoin as a form of payment as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Using the Travala platform to book a hotel is quick and easy. After searching for the place or property where you’d like to stay, choosing dates, and the number of passengers, you can check out the amenities and select and book the room you’d like. At the checkout screen, you’ll need to click on the “Crypto” option and choose Bitcoin as your form of payment. Using Bitcoin as your payment option is available via their website if you’re accessing the site through a desktop computer. They also have an app available for both IOS and Android devices.


Choosing airBaltic to book an inexpensive flight to the Baltics, Europe or Russia is an excellent choice if you’re visiting one of the 70+ destinations they offer. This platform was an early promoter of cryptocurrency use when they became the first airline to accept Bitcoin.

Are you visiting Copenhagen or Moscow in the future and need to book round-trip flights? Whether you’re going to meet with relatives or conduct business, there are Basic, Premium, and Business seats available. This online travel platform displays ticket prices in euros. If you’re paying in Bitcoin, the transaction will go through the third-party payment processor, BitPay. The Bitcoins you spend will be converted into euros at the current exchange rate.

Virgin Galactic

How would you like to book a flight into space? It’s possible if you visit Virgin Galactic and take the steps needed to reserve your seat! It’s not surprising to see this Richard Branson project accept Bitcoins as payment as he has always promoted innovations.

As the world’s first commercial space line, Virgin Galactic allows private individuals the opportunity to view planet Earth from space. To take action and place yourself on the flight list with other excited civilian space explorers, you’ll need to pay a fully refundable US$1000 registration fee, which puts you in line for one of the spaceflights. Once a seat is ready, the cost of a reservation will be US$250,000. If you’re a Bitcoin whale, you may not have any problem at all paying for your seat and a chance to ride into space!


If you’re shopping for internet or wireless access, AT&T is a popular place to start. They also have phones available if you’d like to upgrade or just get started with a new device. Once you’ve become a customer, you can log on to your online account via the web or their app and pay your bill by using Bitcoin.

Getting started with AT&T is simple. You can browse through their various categories, which include Internet, Wireless, Phones & devices, Prepaid, TV, and Bundles. Choosing the products you’d like to purchase automatically places them in your shopping cart until you complete your transaction. Once you get to the checkout area, you’re given an option to pay with Bitcoin. The transactions are completed securely by utilizing BitPay, which is one of the most used payment service providers in the world.


Overstock.com is an excellent online retailer offering furniture, rugs, bed and bath supplies, and related items. Overstock was an early pioneer in allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin when making a purchase via their website. Unfortunately, they still don’t accept this option through their mobile site

If you’re using Overstock to purchase a new couch or storage bench, you can easily add them to your cart until you’re ready to complete your transaction. After verifying your order information and clicking “Submit Order Now,” the platform gives you an option to pay by using Bitcoin. To complete the transaction, you’ll need to have a Bitcoin wallet address, and you can’t combine your purchase with any other forms of payment except coupons, Club O rewards, in-store credit, or Overstock gift cards.


Buying a domain name and creating a website is one of the best ways to generate interest around a business, political campaign, charity, or any topic you’d like to discuss. Namecheap is a domain registrar where you conduct a search for a brand-new domain name and utilize one of the many TLDs available. Paying for your new domain name or other services can be even easier when you use Bitcoin to fund your Namecheap account.

Paying with Bitcoin requires you to use a Payment Protocol-compatible wallet. Namecheap lists 13 compatible wallets, which include BitPay, Copay, and BTC.com wallets. If you don’t have one of the wallets they require, you can simply create one by utilizing the latest release version of the wallet you choose. Topping up your Namecheap account by using Bitcoin can be done by going to your Billing Balance.


Microsoft offers several different software products for both gaming and productivity. If you have a Microsoft account and want to add funds to it by using Bitcoin, you can do this when you purchase apps, movies, or games in the Xbox or Windows store. Unfortunately, funds that come from Bitcoin can’t be used to purchase items in Microsoft’s online store.

While you’re able to use Bitcoin for several options, you’re not able to buy gift cards with your Microsoft account if you have funded it by using Bitcoin. Most transactions are immediate when you’re using crypto. If it takes longer than a couple of hours, it’s best to contact support. Completing transactions can be done via PC or smartphone as long as you have the amount of BTC required for the purchase in your digital wallet.


Pulling up a live stream video of your favorite gamer on Twitch is free. However, the company also offers premium subscriptions if you like to support your favorite content creator. Even before the platform officially created the ability for its users to utilize Bitcoin on the platform, users were tipping content creators with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

One of the easiest ways to pay a content creator you like is by sending them coins via a free donation link or on their website if they’ve set up either of these options. Taking this action provides them with a quick tip that shows your appreciation.

If you want to spend some Bitcoin, hopefully, you discovered some good ideas and ways you can do it productively by reading this guide. While digital currencies are still not as widely accepted as credit cards, it’s important to remember that this method of payment is still in its infancy and will likely see rapid changes in the next few years to increase scalability and use.